Sunday, December 22, 2013

The "house" has been added

Details to come...

Details! I applied three layers of Utrecht Artists' Acrylic Gesso (the medium viscosity option). The background is 50% phthalo blue (green shade) + N6 neutral gray = + 50% N6 neutral gray mixed with roughly eight parts regular gel (semi-gloss), applied with my size 16 flat Bordeaux brush by Royal & Langnickel in a loose manner. This time I did not screw up and have to scrape paint off but instead left a section white, painted a thin square of phthalo blue, and then inside the square I pasted 50% cadmium yellow medium hue + 50% titanium white mixed with roughly eight parts regular gel (semi-gloss) in a very thick consistency. I am next planning to paint two lines in a mix of 50% paynes gray + 50% carbon black (or perhaps 50% phthalo blue + 50% carbon black) to suggest the Flint Hills.

In order to continue working on this, I'm going to have to acquire a new tube of burnt umber because mine is all dried out...

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