Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Quinacridone violet...

This is what this painting looked like on Monday evening. My pitch was pretty feverish, but I wanted to document at least some of the process, so I stopped to take this photo before heading to grab a beer with friends and refresh my painting mojo. Upon my return, I dove into a painting trance to produce this, and then last night I solved a few problems and only have some touch up still to do in order to call it done.

The line of the Flint Hills through the middle is 50% quinacridone violet + 50% carbon black, applied with my size 12 white taklon round brush by Connoisseur. The sun was painted on in naphthol red, but that color did not go with any of the rest of the color scheme, so it was later painted over. The beginning of the color work on the hills is a mix of 25% carbon black + 75% quinacridone violet blended on the canvas with 100% quinacridone violet, applied with my size 16 flat Bordeaux brush by Royal & Langnickel. Up top, I am starting with a layer of 50% quinacridone violet + 50% N6 neutral gray blended with 100% quinacridone violet, applied with my size 16 brush.

More to come when I can get a decent photo of this...

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