Sunday, December 22, 2013


After I've become a famous artist, someone will take an x-ray machine to this painting and find this underneath. Or not. If they've read this blog, there will be no need for x-ray technology...

Over the top of the old painting, I applied three layers of Utrecht Artists' Acrylic Gesso (the medium viscosity option). The background is quinacridone violet mixed with roughly eight parts regular gel (semi-gloss), applied with my size 16 flat Bordeaux brush by Royal & Langnickel in a loose manner.

I have plans for this... I'm going to paint a Kansas sunset in the abstracted style of Phoenix Rising. My next step is to mix 50% quinacridone violet + 50% carbon black and draw an undulating Kansas horizon line (with a slightly hard angle, to create intrigue) across the bottom of the painting, then nestle a half setting sun in naphthol red slightly offset to the left. Then let the painting of the sunset begin! I plan to incorporate the following colors: quinacridone violet, c.p. cadmium orange hue, 50% dioxazine purple + 50% cadmium yellow hue (or maybe 50% cadmium yellow medium hue + 50% titanium white = + 50% dioxazine purple), and cobalt teal. I'm not sure what I'm going to do for the land itself... We shall see.

Update!!! I did NOT use the above mentioned colors for the rest of the painting. Click here to see the actual color mixing and application details.

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