Sunday, December 22, 2013

Little House on the Konza Prairie

Details on this to come in a little bit... In the meantime, I am going to go slap some more paint on this!

Details! So, I feel like I may have come up with a formula for some landscapes that I can then put together as a "body of work" that has the consistency of style which seems to have been a moving target for me up until this point. Don't get me wrong, I have other painterly interests that I plan to continue pursuing (those being pure abstracts, nudes, and sex), but I'm inspired to hunker down and explore this abstracted landscape formula (complete with circles and squares a la my pure abstracts...) and see if I can't "put together a show" in the absence of having an actual show.

The inspiration for "Little House on the Konza Prairie" is part "Phoenix Rising" (seen to the left) and part driving through the Flint Hills on I-70 and realizing I could paint another abstracted landscape but this time with a Kansas/ Flint Hills theme. As I was driving, I started to put together the colors I would use and figure out which stylistic elements to alter from "Phoenix Rising". This will include using the line work to delineate the Flint Hills and actually having land and sky. I plan for the sun to be primary magenta lined with 50% carbon black + 50% primary magenta.

The third painting in this series will be Flint Hills Sunset. The fourth will be a snow-inspired piece. The idea came to me at 6am this morning as I peered out my front window to look at the blanket of snow covering the world. On that note, I should write out my color and shapes plan and acquire another canvas... I mentally planned it this morning, but the memory fades quickly.

This should be fun.

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