Thursday, December 5, 2013

The matte color is "Peacock"

I decided to take a bold approach to framing this. The matte color is the same used to frame Turquoise; it's called "Peacock". I had it on my wall and so was able to hold up the new painting to the edge of the matte to see how the colors vibrated. There was enough of a departure from the color scheme of the painting to be interesting yet not so much as to create a distraction, although it does seem to be straddling the line between decency and excessiveness. For the moment, I'll take it!

"Yellow Square". Acrylic on paper. 15 1/4 x 18 inches, framed. The frame is hung with two rotations; to see the other orientation, rotate this photo one quarter turn counter clockwise. Oh, and pardon the flash in this photo. The bright white dot in the upper center of the painting is pure photographic effect.

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