Sunday, July 14, 2013

Guided by the Canvas

I'm trying to feel this one out. 36 x 48 inches, acrylic on pre-stretched canvas. Details of the paint and media application to come...

Okay, here are the details (September 2, 2013)! First, three layers of Utrecht Artists' Acrylic Gesso (the medium viscosity option) were applied. Second, the background, which consists of 50% chromium oxide green + 50% titanium white then mixed with roughly eight parts regular gel (semi-gloss), was applied with a size 16 flat brush in a loose manner. Part of the paint application failed, so I had to scrape it off before it dried, leaving a blank space with scrapes of residual light green. In said space I pasted primary magenta mixed with roughly eight parts regular gel (semi-gloss) in a very thick consistency. The forking black line that appears below the red square was then painted using carbon black, applied with my big round brush.

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