Monday, June 8, 2015

Successful Art Opening at Strasser Plaza!!

Yesterday was my art opening event at Strasser Plaza, a newly opened public meeting space in Manhattan, Kansas that can be reserved through the Strasser Village Leasing Office. The space was excellent, and the event was an absolute success. I had at least 64 attendees, 13 of which I did not know. The reaction to my work was great, and I made four sales [Cello Playing Spider; Flint Hills Sunset II; Thin Yellow Line (Prairie Burn Afterglow); and Harvest Moon]. I had 16 paintings properly displayed, and another four that were not-so-properly displayed. This translates to a rate of sales of 25% if you just count the properly displayed paintings, or 20% if you count all paintings. Either way, that's a winner!

Thank you to everyone who attended, everyone who helped with set up (including the great call for easels of 2015), everyone who gave moral, emotional, and rational support along the way, and, of course, to the people who got the conversation going to begin with (you know who you are...).

This is a photo of me talking with two of my guests, taken by Susan Rose.

Three of the paintings from the opening are currently hanging in the Nano Gallery at Strasser Village, and four are hanging in the Strasser Village Leasing Office, including one in the small conference room in the back.

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