Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fun while hanging an art show!

I am a member of the Columbian Artists Group out of Wamego, Kansas, and one of our activities is to hang art at the Radiation Oncology Waiting Room in Manhattan, Kansas (I believe the actual name is the Central Kansas Cancer Institute, although I forgot to confirm...). We rotate one artist a month, and the main goal is to give patients something interesting to look at while they wait for their treatment appointment.

I didn't expect there to be anyone in the waiting room at the time I went to hang my show, but I miscalculated! I ended up with a bit of an audience by the time everything was situated. The lady who arrived first even pitched in to help me and my art colleague by giving objective feedback about which pieces could hang together successfully. I had a pretty fun time hanging my pieces and answering questions about my art, including what media am I working in, whether the work is for sale (yes!), where do I get my inspiration, etc. There was a lot of interest in what was going on, and that was energizing.

If you find yourself visiting the Radiation Oncology Waiting Room this month for whatever reason, I hope my bright colors and undulating abstractions make you smile.

(Pictured here: Thin Yellow Line, also known as Kansas at Dusk. If you flip it over, you get a nighttime seascape...)

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