Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sales motivate me to keep painting... Flint Hills Sunset: SOLD!!!!

The original Flint Hills Sunset just sold! While I've thoroughly enjoyed hanging this on my living room wall for the past few months, I'm so glad to know it has a new home.

I'm probably not supposed to share this next part with you, but... I like it when my paintings sell. Sales motivate me to create more work. Sales inspire me to pick up the brush and get painting. Sales help me to feel a part of my value as an artist. To some artists and teachers, those are not the right reasons to continue making art. Some folks would argue that art created for entrepreneurial reasons - or for any reason other than creating art for art's sake - is misguided. I could sit here and state the same - because that point of view does have merit. I could claim that the urge to create art and express myself artistically are the only things driving me to produce artwork, and that sales are just a byproduct of such a dedication to art itself. But I'd be lying if I wrote that.

While it is true that what drove me to make art in the first place was indeed a primal urge to express myself and explore my creativity; and while it is true that I admire the artist that wholly embraces the conviction that art for art's sake is the only valid reason to make art; I have to admit that when I hit an artistic slump, selling a painting is the best way to invigorate me to dive back in to my craft.

I love it when you buy my work. I love it when you can't tell me exactly why you have to have it. I love it when you feel the value of the painting in the amount of money you paid me. I love it when you treat that piece of work like a treasure to be admired and cared for. I love it when you invite me visit the art you now own that I created and displayed in my home for a short while, before it made its way to you.

And I'm okay with this. I suppose that's what makes me a businesswoman as well, eh?

NOTE: Painting is no longer for sale; however, actual transaction will not take place until 2015.

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