Monday, September 2, 2013

Shades of Hmm...

This is mildly haunting...(previous iteration). [Too bad this is such a shit picture (bad lighting). Oh well, I can't go back and re-photograph it because I've already painted more!]

The border (not pictured) is 50% chromium oxide green + 50% titanium white = + 100% N6 neutral gray. This color is repeated in the upper left of the painting, somewhat overlapping the pink background hue in the middle of the canvas.

The pink background color is actually 50% cadmium yellow medium hue + 50% titanium white = + 50% dioxazine purple (basically, each part is 1/3 the total mix, except that the yellow and white must be mixed prior to adding in the purple... if that makes any sense). I then layered a mix of cadmium yellow medium hue and N6 neutral gray with some emergency chromium oxide green mixed in on the upper right area of the canvas, plus a swatch below the red square and the black line. The rest of the background is filled in with a straight mix of 50% chromium oxide green + 50% titanium white [minus the regular gel (semi-gloss)!], which has the effect of somewhat pulling the background into the foreground.

The bright red square is lined with phthalo green (yellow shade), which is kind of fun.

I had some paint pool at the top and had to pull it off with a wet paper towel. I see a vague sun in its place, which I'd like to accent with a new tone, tint, or shade. I'm toying with the idea of cadmium yellow medium hue and titanium white mixed with a little bit of chromium oxide green, but it might make more sense to mix primary magenta and N6 neutral gray... hmm...

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