Sunday, July 14, 2013

Developing a New Painting Signature...

I realized recently that my art signature isn't appropriate for all of my paintings. The signature I developed last year can't be rotated, which means that if I sell an abstract painting and the buyer wants to hang it according to a different rotation the whole thing falls apart. I decided yesterday that I need to develop a more abstract signature that can be displayed from all four traditional angles, and then some!

Here is my processing of this task. My current signature appears in the green circle in the upper left side of the sheet of paper. I first teased the letters out, searching for a way to incorporate all three of my initials in an abstracted symbol. My first attempts were much too religion-evoking, seeming to be a combination of the Christian cross and the Muslim crescent. I then decided to deconstruct the lines and curves, and came up with something a little more Southwest Art-inspired. The symbol I settled is the middle symbol to the right of my original encircled signature.

I will have a preferred rotation (and this is not it, as it turns out), so that will indicate to the buyer which orientation is the one preferred by the artist, but since it can be appreciated in any direction (and is an abstraction of my initials), then the buyer won't be constrained by the symbolic bias of actual letters.

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  1. I like the process and the explanation. Very cool. Thanks!