Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Art Skillz. Or Lack Thereof

I took an art class last weekend!! Linda Rae made me mix my own colors. I'm not one for that type of materials dedication, so it was kind of taxing, but I needed it. I learned a lot and will hopefully be able to apply it to my pieces in the near future. Who knew that adding black to a color makes a neat shade of sexy, muted color?

This is my color wheel. I fucked up on occasion and didn't fault myself for not being a perfectionist about it. I'm kind of proud of myself for that.

The colors used to create this are Liquitex colors. The yellow is cadmium yellow light hue, the red is cadmium red medium hue, and the blue is phthalo blue. The purple is not a mix of the red and blue, but dioxazine purple straight out of the tube. This color wheel includes the hues, tints (hues plus white), tones (hues plus gray), and shades (hues plus black). The white was titanium white, the black was mars black, and the gray was 50% of each mixed together. Who knew that adding gray to a color could do this?!? I forget what you call the dots in the middle... those are what results when you mix the opposites from the color wheel. I'll look this up and get back to you...

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