Sunday, May 13, 2012

I Painted!!!

I was feeling squirrely the other night, so I sat down and painted. I alternated between layering gesso on freshly stretched canvases and layering paint and other media on this piece of heavy paper.

This is a stripper painting but I'm hoping to work it enough so that you don't know it's a nude unless you know me and my art style. I have an art show to prepare for and I can't put nudes on the wall. :(

The sketch is of Jewel and I think for once the painting is better than the sketch. I'm not done just yet (I ran out of steam and started making mistakes so I had to remove some paint and stop and go to bed). The first layer is quinacridone crimson mixed with soft gel (semi-gloss), carbon black, and cerulean blue chromium in color blocks painted with big, wide brushes (a 16 flat and a 10 angle bright). The next layer is titan buff mixed with soft gel (semi-gloss) and a tiny bit of sap green hue, painted wih a 16 flat brush. The top layer is quinacridone crimson (no media), titan buff, and paynes gray applied with a variety of small round brushes or a 5 bright brush. 26 1/8 x 20 inches.

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