Monday, October 17, 2011

Hair Inspired?

So... this is kind of gross to admit, but it must be done for art's sake. Many years ago - when I still lived at my parents' house - I would get yelled at for my long hair coming out in the shower. It seems I couldn't win either way... if I stuck it to the wall, I got yelled at for leaving my hair on the wall; if I pulled it off the wall to go down with the water, I got yelled at for clogging the drain! These days, I stick most of it to the wall, then throw it in the trash later. No one yells at me anymore for forgetting about it on the wall for a few days... I've recently begun to notice abstract figurative inspiration in the "wall art," if you will. So I decided to sketch it. Here's one sketch (blind contour, for the record). After I did a few, I cleaned the wall and so turned my "hair art" into fleeting art... temporary art... momentary art... almost like certain kinds of street art that gets painted over upon discovery...

This almost looks like an elaborate signature!!

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