Friday, October 21, 2011

For a Brief Moment, I Felt Like Picasso...

Hot DAMN!!! I cannot believe this. Yet another piece I thought was trash that just needed an open mind and some mental pushing. I don't think it's done yet, but my goodness is it an improvement over the last iteration. Notice I did away with almost all of the "better background work." Hah!

The "Picasso-eske brilliance" that I am arrogantly bestowing upon myself here has everything to do with solving the awkwardness of the shoulder(s) position with a dark curvy line that suggests a woman who is pulling her scarf across said shoulder(s): up with her left hand and down with her right. It ties everything together in a wonderfully abstract manner, squaring off the angles of the upper body in a way that the previous iteration simply could not capture.

In addition to the frame-within-a-frame concept I have going on, I've noticed another theme that I am extremely interested in exploring: figurative work in combination with musical elements. I'm excited.

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