Saturday, May 14, 2011

And.... Wouldn't You Know It??? SOLD!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I SOLD a painting! RE my last post about drawing on restaurant table paper, the activity did result in a sale! Woo! I'm actually not sure whether the chicken or the egg came first; but, at any rate, I was able to produce art and sell art in one full swoop!

The grandmother of the seven-year old girl (and also the step-mother of the friend of the sort-of-boyfriend) asked to see some of my artwork (which, of course, I carry around on my person in the form of digital photos on my camera which I have not yet found the time to upload to my blog). She saw the photo of the painting you see here and asked, "How much?" I non-chalantly quoted my working price and she promptly pulled out her checkbook and said, "Write you a check?" I responded with, "Sold!!"

I noticed that her husband (i.e., the father of the friend of the sort-of-boyfriend) didn't seem too enthused about the whole thing; BUT, a. the price was reasonable and, b. hopefully he'll fall in love with the painting upon laying eyes on it.

The painting has since been delivered to the graduate (the friend, not the sort-of-boyfriend) and should be in the hands of his step-mother and father soon!

For the record, I owe the entire sale to my friend, Kevin. Congratulations for obtaining your Master's Degree! Now go make some art!!!

Side note: I wrote the following title on the back of the canvas board: "Kansas Prairie Fire II" but this is incorrect. It's actually entitled "Konza Prairie Fire." I give the owners of the painting the full right to cross out the erroneous title and write in the true title.

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