Saturday, May 14, 2011

Impromtu Bunny Sketches

No, I'm not talking about the stripper! Heh.

Last night, I went to the Little Apple Brewery to celebrate the graduation of my sort-of-boyfriend (whatever...). I ended up making the acquaintance a lovely seven-year old girl who, upon learning that I'm an artist (or, rather, upon learning that I claim to be an artist) asked that I draw a rabbit on the table paper. This is entirely within the realm of "okay" because the paper functions as a sort of kid-friendly table cloth; crayons are of course provided. So I grabbed a blue crayon, took a deep breath, and conjured up all of the rabbit-drawing skills I had banked in my memory of teaching art to kids from the year 2000 (read: KSU Community Service Program participant to Ciudad Quesada, Costa Rica). It worked. Magically, it worked. I loosened up my hands, let my artistic brain take over, and just DREW.

Things began innocently enough; but, next thing I knew, I was grabbing at the rest of the colors (all four of them?) and trying to make a full picture out of it. The girl (the step-niece of the friend of the sort-of-boyfriend) appeared to be enthralled and at one point even drew her own bunny on the table paper. I noticed from her drawing that I had totally omitted whiskers from my rabbit, so I was inspired to add a little more to my piece. Then I started framing the picture (a là Modified Fibonacci or Onion) and next thing you know, it was a regular Ladydean work of art!!!

The moral of the story is that the girl loved the drawing and I had a blast making art at dinner. We cut the thing from the table paper and rolled it up, secured it with paper clips, and (from what I understand) the family plans to have it framed! Although I did not get a photo, I did sign the drawing. How positively fun!!

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