Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Re-working old paintings

I few years ago, I created what has alternately been known as Vuelo de Paz and Paloma. While I considered it done back in 2011, something about the painting never set right with me, and so last month, I finally got the courage to gesso over most of it. I knew I wanted to keep the line work; I just found it to be so interesting! But the rest of the painting (its colors, textures, and content) simply had to go.

Two layers of gesso, some new line work (i.e., a tulip!!), and a few color applications later, I'm very happy with where this is heading. I plan to paint the background in the manner similar to the sky treatment in my works Field of Red Tulips (which I sold already) and Field of Blue Tulips (which has not yet sold and is currently hanging in Garden City, KS), neither of which have been featured on my blog yet!

Paloma. 36 x 18 inches, acrylic on pre-stretched canvas.

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