Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My tool of choice...

I have bought and used many different brands and types of brushes over the years, and finally my preferred tool has emerged from the haze of options. While I've known for a while that I gravitate towards synthetic brushes, it wasn't until this past year that I really locked into which synthetic brush works best for my style of painting and how I physically use the brush.

And the winner is... the Utrecht 206 Tuscan Series! These brushes put up with a lot of abuse and maintain their shape superbly in the process. A lesser brush would have fallen apart by now. I use filberts and rounds frequently; however, my workhorse brush is the bright, particularly my #6 bright, which is shown here at the far right. I paint the majority of my acrylic works with these brushes. (I do prefer a different set of brushes to create my tiny tulip pieces on paper - the Utrecht Manglon Synthetic Series, in case you were curious.)

I think my next trip to the art store will include the purchase of a Tuscan #8 bright and #1 round. I'm excited to add them to my collection.

[Full disclosure: I was NOT paid to review this product. I just wanted to share which brushes work best for the creation of a majority of my work.]

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