Saturday, December 27, 2014

Blogging: Just post it already

While I don't fancy myself a writer, I have read lots of articles and blog posts about how writers and authors often get stuck (sometimes due to perfectionist tendencies), and can see parallels between creating literature and creating art. I think the same advice of "just start" more than applies to artists, both with regards to writing an art blog post (see title of this post) and getting your hustle together to pick up the brush and paint.

Whether I'm in a "don't wanna" mood, can't find an ounce of inspiration, or am overwhelmed by the task at hand, "just start" seems to be a good way to make something happen. Left foot, right foot, one foot in front of the other. Eventually, stuff gets done, sometimes at a surprisingly rapid clip ("where did that motivation come from??") and other times just perceptibly enough to push you a little bit further in the direction of your goal and make you feel satisfied that progress has been made. Regardless of whether you get another layer of gesso down or finally solve the logistical problem that's been holding you back for weeks, you'll have done infinitely more by "just starting" than had you done nothing.

N.B. I've been sitting on this blog post for months. I ignored the whisper to "just start" because the shout of "it's too much" was more powerful. I felt overwhelmed by the thought of writing this post, despite knowing deep down that it wouldn't be that hard... I just had to do it; carve out the time and do it. I suspect I was avoiding the task because I had 13 (now 12) unexplored blog posts waiting in my Drafts, which was starting to feel insurmountable. At least now I can call this one done! On that note, I should go paint...

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