Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Finally returning to a larger canvas...

This work in progress is inspired from the early Spring landscape of the Kansas Flint Hills. My ultimate goal with this is to reveal what I consider to be Kansas' base colors (beige and light blue). I'm a little off at this point, but stay with me!

The base layer is roughly one part titan buff mixed with regular gel (semi-gloss). The paint layers so far include variations of mixtures for titan buff, titanium white, raw umber, and dioxizine purple. I like the effect, but it wasn't quite what I was going for, so I may brush a layer of titan buff over the whole thing and just let the current colors shine through as a layer of underpainting. The horizon lines also have a little bit too much color [including carbon black, raw umber, dioxazine purple, and phthalo green (yellow shade)], so I may go over those with just raw umber or just carbon black. The sky will be some form of pale blue, most likely phthalo blue mixed with titanium white, although prussian blue might be a better option.

The content itself is an abstracted mental image from freshly burned prairie in Wabaunsee County on I-70 back when the 2014 Tulip Festival was happening. Sans tulips, but that's Kansas for you. As I drove over a hill, I was struck by the layers of unburnt and burnt prairie that alternated across the plains.

Acrylic on prestretched canvas (30 x 40 inches).

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