Thursday, October 16, 2014


Yes, this is the same painting. Underpainting is 60% primary magenta mixed with 40% carbon black. Sky is 50% phthalo blue mixed with 50% N6 neutral gray. Ground is 50% primary magenta mixed with 50% N6 neutral gray. Horizon lines are 50% dioxazine purple mixed with 50% carbon black, lined with 100% primary magenta underneath. The penetrating tulip is 100% primary magenta, lined with the phthalo blue/ neutral gray mixture. The broken tulip will be painted that same blue tone. The middle tulip? I'm still on the fence. It was supposed to be 100% dioxazine purple (like in the color sketch), but I don't think it will translate well on stretched canvas, so I may go with a 50% dioxazine and carbon black mixture. The leaves and stems are phthalo green (yellow shade).

As you can tell, I still need to finish painting the ground and finish up the leaves/ stems. Other than that, I'm almost done with Painting #3 in this series! 20 x 16 inches on pre-stretched canvas.

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