Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I have a day job, and it's not in the arts...

When I first met with my new boss, one of the things he asked me was where the art and music (listed on my resume) fit into who am I, given that I work in a quality role at my company. Yes, it's true; by day, I follow rules and expect others to do so as well; by night, I try to break as many as I can. It may seem counter-intuitive that both of these realities apply to who I am, but I suspect I am neither right- nor left-brain dominant; and, as such, have different facets that need attention. I have a logical, ordered side to my persona that needs to be satisfied. On the other hand, I need to create and express myself and do things my own way. Some of what I do during the day actually does satisfy those needs (from a design standpoint), but it's just not colorful enough! Hence, I play in paint...

What is more, I'm trying to build my art business (which satisfies my left brain) so that if I decide to try for a career shift, I will already have traction and can avoid being a "starving" artist or having to go into debt to get things established. I find working in international business and quality management systems very applicable in this regard.

Disclaimer: This photo is from 2007!

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