Sunday, April 13, 2014


Ready to hang.

Details: This painting is based almost entirely on the colors cadmium yellow medium hue mixed with titanium white! There are a few exceptions (the premixed orange was so much brighter, so I just had to go with it...), but most of this is a continuum, which I love.

I planned out the painting in my head, then transferred it to sketch form using pen and scrap paper. After choosing the proper canvas size (I went with the 30 x 30 inches canvas, as opposed to the 36 x 36 inches option I also had at my disposal), I sketched out the shapes using the 75% titanium white + 25% cadmium yellow medium hue. Some of the sketch lines appear in early photographs that I never posted to the blog.

The yellow at the base of the canvas is roughly 50% titanium white + 50% cadmium yellow medium hue, applied with my size 12 Utrecht 206-B Tuscan Series brush. The lighter yellow above is comprised of the sketch mix already stated. The blue that forms most of the background (and is the lightest of the blues) was formed by taking the lighter yellow (75% titanium white + 25% cadmium yellow medium hue) and adding a dab of phthalo blue (green shade). I would guess the percentage at only 10% of the yellow/ white mix. The middle blue (which appears in the square and in all of the blue liners) was mixed differently. I actually approached this from a different color mixing perspective, and so mixed 75% phthalo blue with 25% cadmium yellow medium hue, and then mixed the resultant greenish blue with 50% titanium white.

To get the darkest of the blues (which appears as almost a black) used to paint the line around the box, as well as my signature in the bottom right-hand corner, I then mixed 50% carbon black in with the previous blue mix. To recap the darkest blue color (for my own recollection purposes), it was: 75% phthalo blue + 25% cadmium yellow medium hue = + %50 titanium white = + 50% carbon black.

The orange is c.p. cadmium orange straight from the tube and the red is naphthol red medium (also straight from the tube) with some gessoed canvas shining through!

I don't think I'm brave enough to share the photo that inspired this, so you'll just have to use your imaginations to interpret this one...

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