Wednesday, March 26, 2014

SOLD!! Jewels

It's too bad I never took a proper photo of this! I had her framed with a black cherry matte (?? I'll have to check my records on that, actually) so that I could hang her in my 2012 Radina's show, despite the fact that I hadn't actually finished the painting. Many discussions later, I decided that I could call it "done" and stop worrying about whether to work it more or not. I had various interested parties, and she went to the buyer who put a tight deadline on purchasing it... "Oh, by the way, I'm moving next week and would love to own one of your paintings." SOLD!

For the curious, "Jewels" refers to the name of the dancer, not any kind of "family jewels"; although I suppose if you look into it hard enough, you might see a pair...

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