Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Potential shows?

I've got a few conversations going about potential upcoming shows! Nothing is a definite yet (I honestly wonder if my emails with attachments are reaching the recipients!), but cross your fingers for me. My goal is to show a more consistent body of work, whether it is abstracts, circles and squares, landscapes, or whatever.

And, for the record, this is what shows up on the back of this. Honestly, the paper was a test piece (although, for the price, it never should have been a test piece to begin with, but I digress...), and I am having fun with both sides. On this side, we see less of a "work of art" and more of an exploration. I'm comparing burnt umber (my historical go-to brown) and raw umber (I recently experienced a revelation that this brown might work better with my evolving color scheme) to each other with nothing added and with white mixed in. We also see a pure paynes gray used to sketch out a design I dreamed about. That is not a "20", but a set of abstracted incomplete circles joined with a curving line. Enjoy!

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