Sunday, May 26, 2013

Corset and Painted Fingernails (horizontal view)

Kind of looks like an odd version of Starry Night, no?

This painting is acrylic on canvas board. I'm not quite sure how I still had a canvas board lying around my studio, but I did. I was using it to see how different layers of paint might stack up against each other, but the opacity of each layer didn't really let the lower layers shine through. It was mostly a technical application dud (i.e., I didn't learn much about the opacities of each color), but at least the layers provided some tooth as no gesso was applied at the beginning: the first layer is titanium buff, the second layer is light ultramarine blue, the third layer is chromium oxide green, and the fourth layer is transparent yellow iron oxide (which actually did let the chromium oxide green more than shine through).

The painting itself is comprised of chromium oxide green (tint and shade), cadmium yellow medium hue (hue and tint), paynes gray (hue), and primary magenta (hue). The tint color was titanium white and the shade color was carbon black. At some points the paynes gray mixed in with the chromium oxide green (tint) and the cadmium yellow medium hue (tint). I also mixed in some titan buff in the areas with cadmium yellow medium hue (tint), but I'm not sure how that should be classified.

I like how this turned out, particularly since I've been experiencing some extreme difficulties with painting motivation lately. To be honest, I've toyed with the idea of completely abandoning painting... of donating all my art supplies to the local Arts Center, destroying what hasn't sold, and calling it quits until what needs to be in my life boomerangs back. But I haven't actually been able to execute on this idea, so instead I've been forcing myself to find some artistic energy and just paint. It's hard to do that when there isn't even a baseline for inspiration, so the past few months have been hard, artistically-speaking. I've felt creative the whole time (so that's probably what is preventing me from abandoning painting), but not artistic. Until today, that is. Here's hoping I can keep the momentum going.

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