Sunday, October 28, 2012

Creation and Destruction

If you've ever acquired my art, loved it, moved beyond it, and finally thrown it away, I forgive you. If you've ever been mad at me and done something to my art that you later regretted, I forgive you.

As I prepare for my November show, I find myself engaging in almost as much destruction as I do creation. They do tend to go hand in hand...

Why do I destroy some of my art? Because not all of it is good and I can only keep the bad stuff around for so long. It can only teach me a lesson for so long. Eventually, I get tired of looking at it. And I'm getting pretty good at knowing what will sell and what won't (read: what people want to put on their walls and what they don't), so I know that the chances of me holding on to a hidden gem for years are fairly slim. It has happened, so I can't write it off completely, but I'm willing to hedge my bets.

How do you assign a value to art? Until you've sold it, it's really worth nothing. I think it's important for an artist to be able to detach him or herself a bit from his or her creation(s) because, let's face it, we don't all create brilliance all of the time. In order to make the good even better, it's necessary to be honest with yourself about what is not good (or what is not even art) and let it go. It's hard, but it helps the overall process...

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