Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mediums: Mildly Amazing

It's mildly amazing to me how much of an impact mediums can have on a painting. I'm still not totally sold on the stuff (read: I don't quite know how to use it still), but I am coming around to it.

I've used it here and I find that it's easier to manipulate the top layer of paint if you have mediums built into the bottom layers. Paint also comes off easier if you mess something up!

Here's the first iteration of this painting. Today I added paint of varying thicknesses applied with various brushes using these colors: charcoal black, alizarin crimson hue permanent (I still have some Liquitex tubes!!), naples yellow hue, and c.p. cadmium orange. The most amazing part of the work is that I didn't really put that much more paint on the canvas and yet the painting looks so vibrant!

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