Sunday, July 15, 2012

Doing things in the right order this time

Instead of starting from the top layers and working the background in afterwards (like last time), I'm starting with the underpainting and then working my way up to the main draw. I think it's going pretty well. I've got lots of soft gel (semi-gloss) in there to get the layering effect.

After stretching the canvas myself, I applied three coats of gesso to it. I then added a layer of yellow ochre and naples yellow hue mixed in with soft gel (semi-gloss) applied with a 16 flat brush. Next was a layer of cerulean blue, chromium mixed and applied the same. Next came a layer of quinacridone violet mixed and applied the same. The final "wash" was naples yellow (by itself) mixed and applied the same. Then I did the border, which was light magenta and titan buff mixed with soft gel (semi-gloss) and applied with a 12 bright brush. Finally I tackled the brown framing of the border with burnt umber applied with a 1 round brush, no medium, and the internal framing using prussian blue hue (a Liquitex color!) with the same brush, also with no medium.

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