Monday, November 14, 2011

Modified Mondrian

Hmmm. I appear to have painted a Mondrian last night.

Update! I think I should title this "Bastardized Mondrian" instead. Reactions so far range from "this looks nothing like a Mondrian" to "you should work the piece more to make it actually replicate a Mondrian." Um... I don't particularly care for Mondrian. The point here (to me, at least) is that the colors and the lines evoke a Mondrian. It is an "interpretation of Mondrian," at best.

I later googled "Mondrian" and I'll be damned if the results in the image browser didn't remind me of his work. For now I choose not to explore his architecturalness or his line work perfection; I actually prefer something a tad more gruff (show me the real stuff of life, please). And anyways I would argue that this piece looks like a genuine Ladydean. Hah!!

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