Saturday, October 1, 2011

See Me Tell Me (Street Art)

More New Yorkers!!! On Thursday evening, I listened to New York street artist Amy Young give a talk at the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art at Kansas State University. The talk was called "Faces from Manhattan" and it was fascinating. I had thought about grafitti as art for years, but had never contemplated street art before, especially not "sticker bombs" that cover subways, public mailboxes, and lamp posts. She had some things to stay that were very interesting anthropologically and sociologically speaking, in addition to artistically speaking.

This photo here is of two of her tiny works of art. She makes them, folios them, and then sprinkles them throughout the New York subway system for people to find and take home and later comment about on her blog. I collected these two pieces from her visit and I still need to go on her blog and tell my "story."

The one on the left is a "Monster" (23 of 50) with a blinking light that she handed out. The other one is a "Street Saint" (26 of 50) and I had to go on a treasure hunt through campus to find it stuck (via magnet) to a huge humming a/c unit. It was indeed like finding a little treasure; I was not expecting to be so excited upon finding it.

During her talk, Amy discussed several contemporary street artists, including the artist JR (who I had heard about from watching a Ted Talk about his work last year). It is incredible stuff!

After the talk, I attended a meet and greet with the artist and her husband at the house of some friends of mine. Of course I took the opportunity to shamelessly promote myself by showing off some photos of my paintings and handing out my business card. I think they liked my stuff!!

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