Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Think I'm Going to Rename This

I think I'm going to start calling this one "Paloma de la Paz" or something.

The last time I worked on this piece, I added the dark blue line (okay, it's Paynes Gray... I love it!!) that is conjuring up the image of a dove for me. It was the creative idea I needed to kick-start the artistic juices (sometimes the gears get stuck...), but then I immediately got stumped again. I couldn't see what color I could add to the mix! Well, I bought some new colors (pastel tones) over the weekend, and I figured that the blue would make a nice addition. I tried it and I'm totally digging it.

To continue with this piece, I'm planning to add more blue on the top left side of the painting, extend a heavy red line down on the lower left side, strengthen the bronze work through the center, define all the red edges, and maybe add a pale yellow background color to the lower right side. At least, those are the thoughts for now... we'll see how the dialogue goes once I sit down to work! Overall, this piece is starting to come into it's own; to define itself.

Ah! An interesting observation... today's painting session on this piece is the FIRST in which I have not had the canvas hanging on the wall... but I'm okay with that.

Oh yeah, that light pastel blue is turning me on...

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