Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sunday Conversation with Tara

Oh George... Sigh...

This was my Christmas present from George last year (a 2D work from a 3D artist!). It can pretty much be rotated in any direction and still make sense (but not make any sense at the same time). We laughed at the piece together when he gave it to me, but never actually discussed it; perhaps we should have, perhaps we didn't need to. All I know is that I love it and it seriously disturbs me at the same time! It seems to be a metaphor of all of our interactions over the 9 years we knew each other, and all the interactions we never had as well. They can be summed up pretty well in the title he gave the piece: Sunday Conversation with Tara. We constantly waxed poetic about all facets of life (otherwise known as blowing smoke up the other's ass), and this is the memory he leaves of that.

I loved Sunday conversation and coffee with George. Erm, I still do.

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