Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rotate this 90 degrees counterclockwise to see how I painted it....

I suppose the first rule of painting should be: Don't give a shit about the outcome. The second rule, of course, should be: More Tom Waits.

Technique details to come later...

UPDATE: Here are the technique details, for my own sake, really. The movement of the painting consists of gradations of the following colors: 50% cadmium yellow hue + 50% titanium white, titan buff, and 50% dioxazine purple + 50% primary magenta. There was lots of fun color grabbing going on to get the spontaneous (and quickly executed) paint application across the paper, which was vertical at the time (with the yellow on top). The paint inside the square is 50% cadmium yellow hue + 50% titan buff and the square is lined on all four sides with 50% dioxazine purple + 50% primary magenta. Additionally, I added an accent line of carbon black on one of the four sides of the square (which I find totally enthralling, for the record). The circle is painted in primary magenta and then finished with a thin line of 50% cadmium yellow hue + 50% titanium white. As with any circle or perfect line I paint (just to have it on record), I did not use masking tape or a stencil. I'm just really good at drawing/ painting circles and perfect lines!


  1. I love these types of brush strokes, Tara. When can I save up some cash and have an original LadyDean in my home is my only question...

  2. :) You just let me know, Holly.