Monday, March 21, 2011

Close-Up: The Foundry

Here's a more clear shot of this painting. I have a few tweaks to make: I want to strenghten the purple color at the top of the kilm, add a hint of fire in the back of the kiln, separate the background line from George's head, add a touch more gray to the red mess in the upper right background, fix my face and legs, and maybe lower George's right shoulder). Hopefully I can play with it tonight so as to call it DONE real fast. It was supposed to just be a quick study, anyhow.

Acrylic applied with brush on Strathmore Drawing Paper (medium). 11 x 14 inches.

The funny thing about this drawing is that it is still in the book, along with Werbowy IV, Aretha Franklin's ChiChis, this sketch, The Skeletal Cello Player, Werbowy II, and this sketch. I think this makes the sketchbook itself a work of art! I'm tempted to tear some of these paintings out and frame them, but I stop myself in the hopes that some day someone would want to buy the book as a work of art... you know, because it's so cool. It would take coffee table art books to a whole new dimension.

Rounding out the sketchbook are tattoo design sketches for a friend, but none of them are very good. They should probably be ripped out and kept in a separate art pile... the do-over pile.

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