Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lady in Waiting

So... this is just a sketch, so far, but I'm hoping to turn it into a vibrant, powerful painting soon.

When I was in high school, my art teacher (Mrs. K.) made us search for magazine photos to tear out for inspiration. We were supposed to tear based on different categories, such as Patterns, People, etc. I am realizing now that the categories of most interest to me then are the ones that I still identify with today. Hmm, how interesting.

The magazine tear-exercise allowed me to desecrate National Geographic issues in ways that I never would today (I kid; I would totally rip them to shreds now, as long as I still had a pristine copy for my collection, which dates back to 1910), and over the years I have pulled out the stack on occasion to see if any of the tears might still inspire me. Many of the People photos do, such as the one seen in this picture. It can be found on page 655 of the November 1987 issue, with the following caption: "At a clinic of the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in central Haiti, a mother awaits treatment for her child under a poster advertising a remedy for dehydration, a major cause of child mortality."

What is especially interesting about this painting-in-progress (early stages) is that on December 31, 2010, I am to arrive in Les Cayes, Haiti, to participate in a project that involves offering help and assistence (in any way possible) to the local community. I believe that I encountered this magazine tear around the same time that I decided to go on the trip, which makes it all the more urgent to paint, from a personal perspective.

The fact that I have primed the canvas and sketched the composition speaks volumes. I say this because sometimes the hardest part about doing a painting is just picking up the brush. I can already tell that I did not choose a large enough canvas (12 x 16 inches); this is okay, given that I can always... paint it again!


  1. M vle'l! I want it! Mwen anvi achte'l...I want to buy it!

  2. Honey, if you end up liking the final product, I'm sure we can work something out ;)