Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wangechi Mutu

I first posted a sketch of this photo here. Well, I decided to paint it again, with a couple of different base coats. The painting on the left has a yellow base coat, and the painting on the right has a red base coat. I think I'm more partial to the sketch on the right, but they both do work. (Acrylic on paper)

The artist is Wangechi Mutu from Kenya. I read about her in Vogue (shocker) and was impressed with her work. I'll post another picture of her work in a bit. I'm tempted to email her my paintings of her, but in comparison my work stinks, so I think I'll save myself the embarrassment until I've re-painted this a few more times and have something I can be proud of to share with her. Yeesh. I'm not being humble here, just realistic.

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